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High Flow Cats Vs Stock Ideas

High Flow Cats Vs Stock. 2010 camaro 2 ss/rs zex wet shot, typhoon 63 series cai, dr formato tuned july 2013 m.o.m winner! A good high flow catalytic converter will have an inlet and outlet the same size as the rest of the exhaust pipes to give you maximum airflow.

high flow cats vs stock
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A high flow converter doesn’t function much differently than a stock unit. And it has been proven that just hf cats to gain 10rwhp or so plenty of times.

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And word on the street the downstream [email protected] extenders do an excellent job of preventing a cel. Any cats will quiet the exhaust down more than no cats at all.

High Flow Cats Vs Stock

Could cause problems during emissions testing.Cut hole in deck lid so cold air feed works.Felt similar to the stock filter in the regular airbox would do, as high flow panel filters really improve throttle response.Go with a straight thru design instead of the flowmaster.

Gutted cats will cause problems during emissions testing.Here is the sound of my 08 when the only mods were mopar pcm and roe hf cats with stock mufflers.Hmm, so they aren’t quite as loud as no cats, but much louder than stock.However, if you have a stock engine with no modifications, and relatively new oem catalytic converters, you won’t see much of performance increase going with high flow cats.

I base line the car last summer but since i’ve also added a c&l racer kit my new dyno numbers won’t be a true comparison.I can’t put a number on the hp difference between the two as i don’t have back to back dyno results and am not aware of anyone who has done back to back testing of stock cats vs high flow.I don’t know what i want to do, stick with stock, get a high flow catted x pipe, or an offroad x or h pipe.I have a violator axleback.

I lost 1hp with the high flow cats.I think you will need a tune to shut off the rear o2 sensors due to the low cell count of the high flow cats.If you were doing a high boost tune on race gas, e85, or water/meth then the power difference between catless and high flow cats would be more pronounced.If you’ve made major upgrades to your.

If your looking for louder i would first look into a muffler swap.In theory, an aftermarket cat is higher flow than it’s o.e.It certainly added a bolder tone, the stock cats are good for factory but the hiflows make it sound better.It will vary depending on which ones we talk about.

It’s defenitly louder than stock, no drone and to me it sounds similar to adding a catback to a stock car.Just goes to show that the hf cats you got are crap and don’t flow that much better than stock.Not all hf cats are created the same, some are better than others.Of course, the higher the count, the more restrictive.the lower the count, the less restrictive.

Performance modifications to the exhaust system always focus on increasing flow capability to allow the engine to breathe more easily so that it can make more power.Sent from my iphone using tapatalkSound was only slightly milder with the cats.Stock factory cat of holden vy commodore ss (on one side) has been tested to show a flow rate of 250cfm.

The catalytic converters on a stock vehicle (especially a newer stock vehicle) just aren’t that restrictive until there have been significant performance upgrades.The cats will reduce fuel smell.The gains in the exhaust system on our cars are all had through switching the midpipe.The o2s that make fuel adjustments etc are upstream of the cats, so they don’t know if they’re there or not.

The point is that it must accomplish the same task as the stock unit but in a faster way.The stock cats are more packed with stuff, thus catalyzing more, but greatly reducing the flow of exhaust gases.There is a difference between high flows and no cats.There is a difference in internal material of cats as well that matters (honeycomb shape vs grid shape) one flows better than the other.

They are canamax high flow cats.They do the same thing as the stock cats, just not as much, and they restrict flow less and therefore allow for more power.They’re the real restriction, not the catback.Todays cats are great but high flows make it flow even better which the difference between them i dont know but the cat that wasnt clogged is louder so the new cats definately flow better and of course the bad cat (clogged) flows better because stock or.

Toyota corolla high flow cat over time, your stock catalytic converter will begin to plug up from residual oil, and from cleaning up the carbon monoxide from your hard working engine?s exhaust.When you can have all the benefits of removing the cat without the risk of getting busted, it’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too.Xforce metallic and ceramic high flow cats has shown to flow as much as 550cfm for a 2.5″ ceramic cat (400cell), and 750cfm for a 3” metallic cat (200cell as tested).

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